Step 1: Completely power off the system.

Step 2: Press the Power Button

Step 3:Once you see a 3, 2, or 1 on your screen Press to get into the Grub menu.

Step 4: Use the arrow keys to select “Restore Factory Settings” and then press

Step 5: Once you see the screen below, you will have two different options:

  1. "1. Restore OS (retain user files)" this will fix majority of issues and should always be first troubleshooting step.  (scroll down to see screenshots)
  2. "2. Restore unit completely" this will completely restore the laptop to factory settings and should be ONLY used as a last resort. (Deletes ALL files/folders)  

Option A (Factory Reset 1)

Press then Pressto retain user files.

Step 6: Once you see the screen below, go ahead and restart your laptop. (CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO RESTART YOUR LAPTOP)